Challenge #1

People should visit my Blog because…

You can get cool widgets like pets. You can get cool art ideas like spring art and cool experiments like Mentos and Fizzy Drink.

You can also do Mythological polls and read my weekly columm. There are also cool videos and you can learn interesting things. You can hear about what we have been doing in our Weekly Reflections like what we have been up to each week, our blog buddies and so much more!

Student Challenge #one

Screen shot 2010-10-02 at 9.56.21 AM

2 thoughts on “Challenge #1

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  2. Dear Alice,
    I am a grade 5 student from Bangkok ,Thailand. I think that these are great reasons why people should visit your blog. I love mythology! It will be so cool when I read one. Wher exactly is it?
    Visit my blog at
    Comment back.

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