Zac Guilford’s Drinking Problem

Written by Alice Plier

On Friday the 11th of November All Blacks player Zac Guildford walked into a bar called Trader Jacks in Rarotonga and assaulted two people.


Before all of this had happened Zac Guilford was in jail and had broken out. He got on his motorbike and had fallen off it and walked into the bar called Trader Jacks with out any clothes on and was bleeding from when he had fallen off his motor bike.

Raffle For A Ride

Today at Russell Street School we had Raffle for a ride. We have Raffle for a ride every year at the end of the year but so far I haven’t had a ride. There were so many cool vehicles like a quad bike, a helicopter and so many other cool rides. The people from our class that got called out from the box were Abby and Jessie. Abby brought Zoe and Sumayah with her. Abby, Sumayah and Zoe went in the more FM car and they got to go on the radio they also got to have Mc Donald’s ” YUM!.” Jessie got to go in a police car but she didn’t get to bring any friends.

Stephen (my teacher) took some photo’s of me. One was in the helicopter one was in the red MG and one was in the Lamborghini. I was so excited about going into the Lamborghini! I said to Stephen, ” Hurry up I want to go get a photo of me in the Lamborghini.” I felt famous when I was in the Lamborghini.¬†My favourite car was the Lamborghini and Stephen’s favourite was the red MG.

Everyone had such a great time but since this is my last year I am hoping for my sister to get a ride next year or the year after. Raffle for a ride ROCKS!